Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of aqueous cleaning, solvent cleaning and degreasing systems accommodating a range of products including perchloroethylene, modified alcohols and general hydrocarbon technology.

All solvent systems are fully compliant with environmental legislation including 1999/13/EC The “Solvent Emissions Directive”, The Solvent Emissions (England & Wales) Regulations 2004 and the New European Standard, EuroNorm 12921/4.

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems offers metal cleaning and surface finishing with consistently high levels of surface cleanliness as well as processes for other materials including plastics glass and PCB cleaning.

A reduction of solvent consumption of up to 90% is typical utilising the Standard Industrial range of hermetically sealed technology with vacuum drying which significantly surpasses the capabilities of “fully enclosed” or “double lidded” solvent cleaning processes.

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